As a pet owner, you may have other types of pets besides dogs. You may also have snakes, lizards, hamsters or even cats. Goldendoodles are known to be very affectionate and social dogs. They have a very easy-going temperament and are known to get along with other animals. The most common other pet outside of dogs is cats. Before you bring a new Goldendoodle home, it probably would cross your mind, are Goldendoodles good with cats? With them also being very loving and careful around small children, more than likely so.

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Are Goldendoodles Good With Cats; Prey Drive

Prey drives vary depending on the specific breed of dog, and functions or tasks that they were bred to do. Like Golden Retrievers, which is one of the parent breeds of the Goldendoodles, they have a low prey drive. A low prey drive means that when dogs see smaller animals that they would be able to capture and kill or eat, they don’t. Many breeds have a natural urge to hunt smaller animals such as rodents or even cats. Goldendoodles tend to lack this natural urge and are instead very playful and bashful. With this being said, all dogs have a natural prey drive, some are just instinctively lower than others.  The biggest problem would more than likely be the temperament of your cat.

are goldendoodles good with cats

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Why Don’t Cats and Dogs Get Along?

Why do cats and dogs not get along? Even with Goldendoodles having a low prey drive, many cats will still see them as threats. If your cat sees your dog as a threat then it may become violent or very standoffish. Furthermore, if you have a very temperamental cat this may set your dog off as well.

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A Goldendoodle will more than likely want to play with your cat. Your cat will either be afraid, become an aggressor, or will slowly warm up to the idea of a new partner in crime. There are many types of cats that are good with dogs as well as vice versa. Are Goldendoodles good with cats? More than likely so. You may have to ask, is my cat good with a new Goldendoodle? If you could it would be best to get your new dog while it is a puppy so you can properly train it to adapt to the environment.

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