What Are The Best Dog Battery Operated Heated Water Bowls?

Like humans, pets are made of mostly water so hydration is very important. When searching for battery-operated heated water bowls for your pet there are a couple of different things to look for.  Things such as size, price, features, and whether or not the water bowl can keep your dog’s water source nice and warm/cold for them to drink. Heated water bowls for dogs are ideal for when you & your pet live or are traveling to a place of extreme climate change. This would include a winter getaway or if you live in a place of an extremely cold climate such as Alaska. You wouldn’t necessarily need to purchase a battery-operated bowl seeing as how there are next to none. However, there are a few fountains & plugin heated water pet bowls that are exceptional.

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Why Does Your Dog Need A Good Water Bowl?

How long can a dog live without drinking water?

Hydration is key. Water is the main source of temperature control for animals. If they are hot or overheating they turn to their water bowl. A dog can survive a lack of food, but if it loses more than 12% of the water in its body it can die. Therefore, the dog should always have clean water at a suitable temperature (neither too cold nor too hot). If the water is too hot or dirty, the animal will only drink a small amount. You have to change the water multiple times a day, even if your pet didn’t drink any of it yet. If you notice that your pet has gone a maximum of three days without drinking water or eating then you should seek help, immediately.

It is also bad for your dog to overdrink water. Your pet will need more water after physical exercise, and many female dogs consume more water during their lactation period. Puppies drink milk for a period of time then it is best for them to start drinking water when they become a certain age. A good way to check the level of hydration of the dog is through the elasticity of the skin. If the pinch does not show elastic and returns quickly to its place then they should be amply hydrated.

Why should you give your dog warm or heated water

Why Should You Give Your Dog Warm or Heated Water?

Many veterinarians have determined that giving cold water, even with ice cubes, to our dog does not have to be bad. The problem lies in the sudden changes in the temperature of our animal, just as it can happen to humans when we drink very cold water directly from the refrigerator.

In very active dogs, cold water can cause vomiting and other reactions if the animal takes it very quickly after exercise or in extreme heat. The recommendation: mix the cold water with warm water and allow the animal to drink little by little. Sometimes it can be difficult, but it is the best way to prevent digestive problems. That is why you must consider warming a dog’s water before you give it to them, perhaps you can think about getting a heated water bowl so that your dog always has a constant supply of lukewarm water.

A thirsty dog will drink practically all kinds of water, regardless of its temperature. However, it is not recommended that you drink water that is too hot. Ideally, drink fresh water, neither too cold nor too hot. In addition, in the hot water, it is easier for microorganisms to appear that can damage the health of our dog. As stated before animals that already live in extremely cold climates are visiting one sometimes need water that is warmer than the atmosphere surrounding them to maintain their body temperature. 

What Sort Of Water Should You Avoid Giving Your Dogs?

Is it dangerous for dogs to drink tap water? It depends on the quality of the water. There are places in the country where running tap water carries an enormous amount of chlorine, lime and other additives that, in the long run, can affect the kidneys of our dogs. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find quality public waters that do not affect the delicate organisms of our pets. Different countries have different levels of quality on tap water. If you can, it is best to use bottled water.

Mineral water is an alternative for those who believe that tap water can harm the health of your dog.

Our List Of The Best Heated Dog Water Bowls

These products have storage with enough capacity for your pet to stay hydrated all day. Some are not naturally heated but can easily become with a pot of warm water that can circulate throughout. With that being said there is a multitude of options for a battery-operated heated water bowl or heated pet water bowl for dogs or cats.

1. PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic  Pet Fountain

battery operated heated water bowls



  • This source has the capacity to store 70 oz of water.
  • It is made of ceramic and includes a replaceable carbon filter.
  • This product is perfect for small or medium dogs.
  • Water in constant motion so it will not become stagnant

2. K&H Thermal Heated Dog Bowl


battery operated heated water bowls


K&H has a multitude of products that are helpful for your pet. With this specific one, you just plug it in & go! This product also comes in various sizes for the different needs of your household. It also has low wattage, only using 25 watts

3. Farm Innovators Super Bowl Heated Pet Bowl


battery operated heated water bowls



  • Controlled by a thermostat
  • Cord wrapped in the cord so it is anti-chew
  • Holds 1 ½ gallon
  • 60 watts of power

4.  Pioneer Pet Raindrop Steel Fountain

battery operated heated water bowls


  • It comes in 60 or 90 oz form.
  • Stainless steel
  • It contains a carbon filter that is replaceable.
  • Easy to clean
  • You should replace the filter for it every 2-4 weeks.


5. Water source PetSafe Drinkwell 360


battery operated heated water bowls



  • The Drinkwell 360 has a holding capacity of  1 gallon
  • Comes in plastic or stainless steel
  • Includes a replaceable carbon water filter, foam filter, and adjustable flow control plug.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Multiple pets can use at the same time with a 360° design



6. Asdomo Heated Pet Bowl

battery operated heated water bowls



The Asdomo is ideal for dogs that are small to medium in size. You will also be able to use it for cats if you have any. This product will need a USB cord that can be used to heat it up. This will also keep your pet’s water from freezing. It has a non-tip design, is relatively inexpensive & the heater has a low wattage power source.




In Short

Water is the key to life for most living things on the planet so your dog would not be any different. Extreme climate changes have adverse effects on animals so it’s always great to do the best you can to minimize those risks. Many of these will help keep your dog’s water from freezing. Battery operated heated water bowls or not. Your pet will thank you in licks & cuddles!