Basset Hounds are known for their short stature, long droopy ears, and excellent sense of smell. They are really loyal and very loving although their faces may look sad.   If you have a basset hound or are looking to get one, there are a few things that you will need to take extra care of when buying food or water bowls for them.  With that being said, we have included everything you need to know below. What are some safety tips? What are the best dog bowls for basset hounds? 


The Best Type of Food Bowls for Basset Hounds

When it comes to the design of the food bowl or your hound, you can always count on the ear-free bowls to provide ease and comfort of eating for your dog.

These bowls are designed in such a way that only the muzzle of the hound reaches in the bowl. Since these bowls have small openings and are tall in length, the ears of the hounds do not get into the bowl.

This keeps the food and the water clean from any contamination and keeps the dog safe from contracting ear infection.

It is better to look for bowls that come with a non-slippery base so that it does not move when your dog is eating. This reduces the hassle of cleaning afterward as basset hounds are known for pushing their bowls across while eating. 

This breed of dogs is known to face a lot of digestion issues as they age. One of the most common digestion issues that a lot of basset hounds face is bloat.

This occurs when the stomach of the dog expands due to building up of gasses or overeating. If not treated and taken care of, this issue can prove to be fatal. This issue is common between bassets because they eat a lot, quite fast.

You can look for bowls that have been specifically designed to slow down the eating process for dogs. These types of bowls work perfectly for this breed. The bowl is designed with compartments that reduce the eating speed of the bowl.

Also, it helps the dog to take smaller bites instead of gulping the food down without chewing. Luckily we have included perfect options below. 

Types of Food Bowls that Should be Avoided

Although ceramic bowls look nice and are heavy enough to solve the problem of the bowl being dragged on the floor while the dog is eating, it still might not be the best choice for a food bowl for your dog. This is because ceramic can break and chip easily.

The holes in the bowl can become a breeding ground for bacteria that can mix up with the dog food.

Likewise, plastic bowls are also not the best option when it comes to dog bowls. This is because the lightweight of the plastic makes it easy for the bowl to get tripped over while your dog is eating.

Also, young hounds tend to chew on plastic. Other than this, plastic bowls are designed with large openings which can allow the ears of the dogs to slip in while eating.

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Best Dog Bowls for Basset Hounds

Mentioned below are the best dog bowls for basset hounds.


1.PETISH Spaniel Bowl for Long Ear Dogs


best dog bowls for basset hounds


When it comes to large dog ears, basset hounds and spaniels fall into the same category. Both breeds have long ears that need to be kept out of their food bowls.

Hence, Spaniel Bowls for Long Ear Dogs can work great for basset hounds as well. The bowl has a tall frame that keeps the ears of the dogs out of the bowl.

Meaning, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s ears getting drenched with water, or contaminated with food. This bowl is raised only enough to keep the water and food in the bowl which ensures that no food is spilled outside the bowl.

The inner side of the bowl is constructed from stainless steel, which makes the bowl very durable as well. Furthermore, it comes with a rubber base which ensures that the bowl does not drag or move around the floor while your dog is eating.

You can choose the bowl size according to the age of your basset hound. The bowl comes in two colors, pink and yellow.

Lastly, the bowl is very easy to clean and overall is a great choice when it comes to choosing the best dog bowls for your basset hound.


  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • Designed to keep the dog’s ears out of food.
  • No-skid base.


  • These are small in size.
  • Usually light in weight 



2.Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Dog Bowl

best dog bowls for basset hounds


This is a great option if you are looking for a bowl that has been made to slow down the eating habits of the dog. Basset dogs eat very quickly and are known to gulp down their food which can cause bloat.

This bowl features a maze design that ensures that the dog eats slowly.

Dogs usually find eating in a maze design fun. 

The outward hound bloat stop dog bowl is available in two sizes. The small-sized dog bowl can hold up to two cups of dog food, whereas the large bowl can hold up to four cups of dog food.

You can choose the bowl according to the appetite and age of your dog. The bowl is available in three colors orange, purple and teal.

Furthermore, the bowl is super easy to clean. It can also be cleaned in a dishwasher. The non-slippery rubber base of the bowl ensures that the bowl does not get tripped over while your hound is enjoying its food.


  • Slows down the eating process of the dog.
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • Reduces the chances of bloat.


  • The maze design can sometimes frustrate the dog.
  • The small size can still be too large for puppies.


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Importance of Proper Hydration for Basset Hounds

It is essential to keep the hydration needs of basset hounds in mind while purchasing dog bowls for them. Just like humans, dogs too are made up of 80% water.

Hence, if they are not provided with enough water, they can get dehydrated which can cause serious health issues. 

Basset hounds usually require 9 to 18 ounces of water for every 10 pounds of their body weight.

In order to make sure that your dog does not run out of the water to drink while you are away from home, you will need a large enough bowl that can hold water for them.

This can come in the form of an actual water bowl or a pet water fountain. Water helps in the proper digestion of food. It also helps the dog to stay active during the day and improves their blood flow.

Other than this, water is also important to let the toxins out of the body.

There is a high chance of basset hounds contracting diseases and infections, like bloat, if you don’t take proper care of their health and needs.

Furthermore, proper hydration is needed to enhance the smelling power of a hound.

The nose of a hound remains moist if its body is properly hydrated. This helps them pick up scents and smells, which is one of the most powerful senses of a dog.

In order to ensure that your dog has enough water to drink throughout the day, you can keep a self-feeding style bowl.


Preventing Ear Infections: In Short

Because of their long ears, basset hounds can be exposed to many different ear infections. It is important to try to keep their ears as dry as possible. If you are your hound decide to go for a swim then you should dry their ears immediately afterward.

Yeast and bacteria like to lounge in moist and humid locations such as ears. A water bowl is equally as important as a food bowl for your basset hound. Luckily we have included an option that can double as both on this list of the best dog bowls for basset hounds. 

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