Flat-faced dogs are among some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. There are very few things that will make you happier than running home and seeing your dog with their smushed face. Excited to see you and waiting to give you all the love that they have. With those adorable compact faces though, comes many issues. Such, as a well-rounded food bowl for them (no pun intended). Feeding time can prove to be extremely difficult for them because of the shapes of their faces. What are the best dog bowls for flat-faced dogs?


What are Brachycephalic Dogs?

There are many breeds of dogs that have flat faces or smushed in faces. Such as the English Bulldog, Shih-Tzu, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Pug, English Mastiff, and many more.

The technical name for this condition is brachycephalic. Brachycephalic dogs have short snouts and usually, have breathing problems.

While many dogs are brachycephalic that doesn’t mean that they can’t live a normal healthy life. If you have a brachycephalic dog or have been around one, chances are at some point you have heard heavy breathing or panting.

The heavy breathing comes from their short snouts, which are usually accompanied by a set of small nostrils. These small nostrils make it difficult for them to breathe through their noses normally.

Additionally, they also have smaller tracheas that do not help with the issues in the breathing department. 

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Problems of Traditional Dog Bowls

Because of their many underlying health issues, flat-faced dogs should not use traditional dog bowls. While you may not see an issue on the surface with a normal bowl, it may be causing your dog to struggle internally.

They might have a harder time reaching their food because regular dog bowls are much deeper. This can cause unwanted stress on their bodies.

Additionally, because of their narrow nasal passages and windpipes, these dogs have a higher chance of choking on their food.

Other problems may include, bloat, gas, and vomiting. You may also look into a slow feeder if your dog likes to guzzle down their food at rapid paces. 

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Why Are Tilted Dog Bowls Better?

Tilted dog bowls are better for flat-faced dogs because they allow your dog to eat comfortably. A traditional dog bowl may upset your dog, and they can tip the bowl over just to be able to reach their food.

Smushed face dogs aren’t the only ones who flip their bowls, but they are certainly more prone to it. A tilted dog bowl will also allow your dog to be able to access their food much easier.

The kibble will gather in a better spot for them making it more convenient to eat. Special dog bowls can also help reduce the chance of bloat, which can lead to many other health issues.

After all, anything that can help reduce the gassiness in a dog is a win-win. 


Best Dog Bowls for Flat-Faced Dogs


1.Enhanced Pet Bowl

 best dog bowls for flat-faced dogs


The Enhanced Pet Bowl is perfect for flat-faced dogs because of its design.

Specifically with flat-faced dogs in mind. Slightly raised in the back so your dog can use the ridge as a scooping tool. Making it easier for them to get the kibble out of the bowl.

It is also shallower than your average dog bowl so it will be easier for your pet to fit their head in, meaning their food is closer. 

This product is equipped with a non-removable rubber ring, that will help reduce movement of the bowl during feeding time.

Because of this rubber ring, it is best to hand wash this product. The bowl is also stainless steel so it will be really easy to clean. Recommended by many dog owners, especially English Bulldog, and French Bulldog. 


2.YMAXGO French Bulldog Food Bowl

best dog bowls for flat-faced dogs



This option is perfect for French Bulldogs, puppies, Pugs, and Boston Terriers. Really, any smaller breed. You can use kibble or wet dog food, and a stand is included making it a prime choice for a feeder.

The packaged weight of this product is 3 pounds and it comes in black or white.

The French Bulldog feeder sits atop of a plastic stand, and the bowl itself is ceramic, which is an easy to clean choice. Because of all the moving parts of this product, it is best to hand wash everything.

The full setup includes an anti-slip mat, stand, and a ceramic feeding bowl. An additional benefit of this product is that the bowl is surrounded by a base that the food will spill onto, making cleaning up very easy. 


3.SUPER DESIGN Slanted Bowl

best dog bowls for flat-faced dogs


The Slanted Bowl by SUPER DESIGN is one of the most visually pleasing options. It comes in a variety of colors including black, white, cream, marble, pink, and many more.

The Slanted Bowl is slanted at a 15-degree tilt and is removable from the base that is is attached to. The bowl itself is made out of stainless steel, which is dishwasher safe.

The melamine stand is dishwasher safe as well, making cleaning really easy.

The only downside of this product is that there is a little “wiggle room” between the bowl and stand, so it rattles a little.

You should be wary of the size of your dog when choosing the best option.

Smaller flat-faced dogs such as Shih Tzus and Pugs will need a smaller bowl and larger dogs such as English Bulldogs and Boxers, will need a bigger bowl. 


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In Short

There are many options for the best dog bowls for flat-faced dogs but of the ones we’ve come across these are a few of the best. They will help alleviate the stress on your dog while making for a more enjoyable eating experience.

In the end, this can even help keep your floor cleaner because now they won’t have the need to flip over their food bowls. Unless you just have a very playful rowdy dog, which many of them are.

Smushed faced dogs, need special care and a wonderful dog bowl is one of the most simple yet effective things you can do to make their lives just a little bit easier.