Goldendoodles are a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. They were groomed to be a loving, and energetic family dog. They inherited their friendliness from the Poodle side and their intelligence from the Golden Retriever side and became a perfect companion for people. Their fur is also a mixture of their parent breeds, which is why they shed less. While Goldendoodles tend to have curly-like fur, they can also have fleece-like fur. Their fur requires constant maintenance and that is why we have created a list of the best dog brushes for Goldendoodles. 

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Different Types of Brushes for Goldendoodles

There is no fixed brush that you can use for all dog breeds. You will need a different brush as per the texture of your dog’s fur. Here’s a brief guide on the types of brushes and how they can be used for your Goldendoodle. Every brush will not be a prime choice for every breed of dog. 

Bristle Brush

Manufacturers use boar and nylon to fashion the bristles of these bushes. The length of the bristles is in comparison to the size of your dog’s fur. A thicker fur would require a longer bristle brush.

Furthermore, the texture of the bristles also can very for the feel of your dog’s fur which will range from soft to coarse. Most customers prefer boar bristles over nylon ones as they cause less hair to fall.

Wire Pin Brush 

These brushes are famous for taking care of thick woolly hair and attending to long furs. That is why they can become one of the best grooming tools for your Goldendoodle.

Just as the name suggests, they are pins that either end on round tips or stay sharp. 

Slicker Brush

These brushes are perfect for separating your dog’s hair and smoothing them out. Because some types of doodle breeds have curly fur that is likely to get tangled, a brush that is designed just for this job is ideal.

It has small pins jointly put together and embedded in a cushion. The slicker brush is also easy to handle because of its ergometric design. 

Slicker brushes are one of the most popular options when it comes to the best dog brushes for Goldendoodles. 


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Best Dog Brushes for Goldendoodles 

We have compiled a list of the best bushes for your Goldendoodle that belong to either of the types of brushes mentioned above. Read below to find out about the best grooming product for your companion.

1.FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush 

best dog brushes for goldendoodles



Dual Nature of the Bristles:

FURminator understands the needs of your Goldendoodle hence the unique nature of their bristles.

Goldendoodle parents tend to choose slicker brushes when searching for the best dog brushes for Goldendoodles.

The bristles on its slicker brush are at a reasonable distance to one another.

Some bristles are bend to one side, and others are straight, and all are put together on a dual brush head.

The unique nature of the bristles attends to the curves and contours of your dog’s body more efficiently.

Reduction in Pressure Input:

This brush is designed in such a way that it puts less pressure on the skin of your doodle. This means that your dog’s skin is less likely to get irritated. 

Balanced Design:

This brushed model has a wide handle that is easy to grasp and balance while you detangle your dog’s matted hair.



  • Firm bristles detangle doodle’s fur
  • Convenient to use
  • Inputs less pressure


2.Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


best dog brushes for goldendoodles



Designed for Doodles:

Hertzko’s self-cleaning slicker brush is designed for doodle fur.

The bristles are bent wires that are spaced out equally and can penetrate deep inside the thick hair matting of your dog.

Once inside the mat, they can detangle knots and clean out the dirt stuck inside roots and baseline of your dog’s fur.

Easy to Clean:

Pet owners find it stressing and burdening to clean the bristles of the grooming brushes after the grooming.

Hertzko’s understood this inconvenience and designed their self-cleaning brush according to it. 

The bristles can be retracted back inside its body with just one press of a button. All the removed fur and dirt will be left out, which is easy to pick up.

Efficient Operation:

You don’t have to worry about your sweaty hands as the handle of this slicker brush is anti-slip. Moreover, it enables you to hold the brush comfortably without exerting extra force on it to smooth out knots. 



  • Durable
  • Quick clean ups
  • Eliminates trapped dirt 
  • Deep penetration


3.Safari Pin Brush for Dogs


best dog brushes for goldendoodles



Designed for Daily Use:

Safari pin brush follows a simple design layout and doesn’t assemble all the pins in one place.

The nails are evenly spaced out, and their ends are slightly blunt.

These pins can separate your dog’s fair without causing unnecessary shedding.

Comfortable Grooming:

Safari promotes the idea of convenient grooming that one can do every day. No need to see a vet or a professional when your pet’s needs are being entertained at home.



  • Everyday usage
  • Suitable for medium and large fur coats
  • Irritation free


4.Oster Combo Brush for Dogs


best dog brushes for goldendoodles




Double Bristle Cushion:

Oster creates an efficient grooming tool by incorporating two different brushes into one.

One side of the brush is embedded with wire pins that are long and evenly separated from each other.

Their ends are not capped but rather blunt.

The other side of the brush has thick nylon bristles clustered together in small groups. Such bristles design is suitable for light fur.

Durable Design:

The material used to fashion this combo brush is durable, and it won’t break easily.



  • Ergonomic body
  • Serves more than one purpose
  • Good for different fur types


5.JW Pet Company GripSoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin Dog Brush


best dog brushes for goldendoodles



Impressive Construction:

GripSoft slicker brush has a different shape than other brushes mentioned in the list.

It is round with slightly curbed pins that can eliminate deep-seated dirt and debris from your doodle’s hair

Efficient Functionality:

JW knows how sensitive a pet’s skin is, which is why their brush’s bristles exert no pressure on it and cause no skin irritation.



  • Perfect for regular usage
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Comfortable handling

Goldendoodle Grooming Tips

  • Bathing

It is important to first bathe your Goldendoodle. This will firstly get rid of dirt and also any excess tangling that could have been undone with just a simple bath. Additionally, it is also important to make sure that your dog hair is still wet or damp. You can use a towel to dry them, but dampness is key. Damp fur is much easier to work with and it will make the process much easier for both of you. Also, when the fur is wet it is easier to spot

  • Finger-comb

You can either feel around with your hands or use the appropriate Goldendoodle grooming comb to check for hair matting. This process serves as a note, so you can go back and brush after you discover where some of the tangles are. Sometimes a comb can spot some of the tanglings that you can’t see. With the adverse effect, your hand may be able to feel some of the mats that you didn’t spot on the initial comb-through.

  • Use Appropriate Brush

Any of the above best dog brushes for Goldendoodles is excellent. Slicker brushes are usually the most effective brushes for Goldendoodles. With that being said, you can take your slick brush and begin to comb your companion’s fur. Do not go over the same area more than a few times as to not irritate your dog.

  • Hair Growth

Depending on what parent your Goldendoodle takes after, they may or may not have an undercoat. You should brush your dog with the growth of their hair. Goldendoodles have fairly long fur, and although they are not known for shedding, their hair does grow a healthy amount.

  • Wrapping Up

When finishing up, you should go over your dog’s fur with a steel comb. Commonly known as a Greyhound comb. These play a crucial role in finding spots you have missed. We have provided some great choices for these right below. If the fur of your Goldendoodle is still damp once the process is over, you can use a dryer to dry them, while combing out the rest of their fur throughout the process.

In Short

Grooming your Goldendoodle is one of the most important parts of their maintenance. If their fur is not properly taken care of it can become matted and tangled easily. Although Goldendoodles do not shed a lot it is still important to look after their fur. Because their fur can have such variety in it, you may need more than one option above. Any option above from the list of the best brushes for Goldendoodles would be a great addition, and will surely get the job done.