Water is just as important to dogs as it is to people. When you think of your dog’s needs you probably think mainly of their food, snacks, toys, and exercise. Water is crucial to the overall health of your dog. Water is not only vital for day-to-day survival, but it also plays a part in flushing bad toxins out of the body. How many times has it crossed your mind if your dog is drinking enough water? If your dog spends a lot of time in their crates then they will need a dog crate water bottle. That is why we have created a list of the best dog crate water bottles. 


Best Dog Crate Water Bottles; Benefits

  • A dog crate water bottle is a viable solution for keeping track of your dog’s daily water intake. 
  • These are easy-to-use alternatives to the water bowls. 
  • Your dog will find it hard to create a mess while drinking from a crate water bottle. 
  • You won’t have to worry about the bacteria and infectious pathogens taking refuge in it.

Now that you know how beneficial it is for your dog to drink from a dog crate water bottle, it is befitting to explore the market for the best bottles. 

Best Dog Crate Water Bottles

The following are a few of the best dog crate water bottles that have been tested for their efficiency and have been reviewed favorably by the users as well.

1. Choco Nose H590 Dog Water Bottle

best dog crate water bottles



Exceptional Construction:

Choco Nose’s H590 dog crate water bottle is patented in the U.S and has an impressive construction. Its manufacturers aimed to make it less messy and easy to handle. It has a nozzle that is tightly held in its place, which means there is no possibility of leakage and dripping of water from it.

Furthermore, it has a normal-sized nozzle of 16mm that you can use for animals like puppies, big rabbits, and dog breeds that are small to medium-sized in stature. 

If you need a water bottle for a larger breed of dogs such as the German Shepherd or the Great Dane, you can purchase this water bottle nozzle, that you can use as an extension to the dog crate water bottle.

Because of this reason, the Choco Nose dog water bottles are one of our favorite picks for the best dog crate water bottles.


Safe to Use:

Choco Nose knows how important your dog’s health is which is why they have manufactured this dog crate water bottle as per the safety standards of the U.S. There is no Bisphenol A or any other harmful chemical used in its construction. 

You can remove the nozzle and fit it over other bottles for recycling purposes.


  • Quick installation
  • User-friendly operation
  • Eco-friendly design



2. Lixit Corporation DW-44 Dog Water Bottle


best dog crate water bottles



Convenient Design:

Lixit has prioritized its customers’ convenience above everything else. For instance, they have given this water bottle an easy-to-flip lid that one can fill quickly. It also has two mount position levels that allow you to mount your bottle over your dog’s cage whenever you go traveling with it.


No Mess Functionality:

Lixit believes in cleanliness and water conservation along with their customers’ convenience. Their belief led them to create a crate water bottle that doesn’t drip and loses water unnecessarily.

It has a capacity of 44 ounces, which allows you to track your dog’s water consumption easily.


  • Best for traveling
  • Suitable for big dogs
  • Efficient water capacity 


3. COCOPET Pet Drinking Fountains Dog Water Bottle 

best dog crate water bottles



Safe & Free of Chemicals:

COCOPET believes that your pet’s health and safety is as important as yours. They have used harmless chemicals in the construction of the Drinking Fountain Dog Water Bottle and completely ignored BPA. 

Moreover, they have used a stainless-steel ball on the drinking side of the nozzle, which ensures that the bottle doesn’t rust, and your dog doesn’t intake those particles. They also have certifications to prove their claims of safety and chemical-free construction. 


Designed to Perfection:

COCOPET has provided the users of this bottle freedom to regulate the flow of water as per their preference. There are precisely four regulating operations available in this crate water bottle. 

Aside from that, it also promises a dripless operation, which means there will be less mess to clean up after your dog is done drinking from it.



  • No drip
  • Durable
  • Money-back guarantee


4. FATPET Dog Water Bottle

best dog crate water bottles



Durable & Efficient Design:

FATPET has left everyone behind and created the best crate water bottle for your dogs. Any problem that you might have encountered while using previous water bottles is accounted for here. 

For instance, it has no-leakage construction and dripless functionality, together with a mess-free and chew-free design. The manufacturers of this water bottle have favored stainless steel over other materials for production. 


Pet-friendly Construction:

As stated earlier, FATPET has used stainless steel excessively, which is beneficial for your pet in so many ways.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust, and when used to fashion the drinking pipe, it makes sure your dog doesn’t chew on it. It means nothing harmful will go inside your dog’s body orally. 

Moreover, the drinking pipe and nozzle is put together in it with roller ball fixtures. This little detail ensures the safety of your dog while drinking from this bottle.


  • Impressive safety
  • Convenient installation
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient water supply


5. SunGrow No Drip Pet Water Dispenser Bottle 

best dog crate water bottles



Ensures Pet Safety:

SunGrow has emphasized more on the safe production of their products. They have made stainless steel the hero in their product’s construction, an asset that rarely rusts. 

They have avoided harmful materials and chemicals like BPA in the production of the water dispenser bottle to ensure your pet’s safety.


Perfect for Small Pets:

The use of stainless steel has made the product suitable for small pets. How so?

Puppies and kittens are habitual of chewing on stuff, especially when something like a nozzle is put inside their mouths.  Drinking pipe made from stainless steel prohibits them from chewing on it and hurting themselves in the process.


  • Suitable for small dogs and puppies
  • Restricts continuous dripping
  • Anti-slippery design
  • Simple installation


In Short

It is indeed hard to pick the best dog crate water bottle for your pet that is not only efficient in functionality but safe to use as well. 

The list we’ve compiled will be able to cater to the needs of different pet owners as it has a recommendation for everyone. If your dog is small, then go for SunGrow or COCOPET but if they are big in stature then Lixit is a better option for you. If you prefer one over the other there are also extension pieces that you can purchase that will allow you to use any water bottle for any type of breed.