Nicknamed “The American Gentleman ” the Boston Terrier gets their name because, you guessed it, they were originally bred in Boston, MA. Also, Boston Terriers are widely known for their tuxedo-coated skin and their friendly disposition. Originally bred to be fighting dogs they are the exact opposite. Boston Terriers are extremely gentle around children and are the perfect traveling size. Thus, making them the perfect traveling companions.  Also known as “bull terriers”, Boston Terriers are a part of the “non-sporting” breed of dog as stated by the AKC. That being said, there is just one major flaw about this truly American breed of dog. They are extremely gassy. Boston Terriers with gas may also have many underlying health issues. What are the best dog foods for Boston Terriers with gas?


Health Conditions: Boston Terriers with Gas.

Why are Boston Terriers so gassy? Your Boston Terrier having gas may be because of genetic reasons as well as influential.  Depending on the specific breed of dog, they will come with their own associated health risks. What are brachycephalic breeds of dogs? Like the English Bulldog, Boston Terriers are a brachycephalic breed of dog. Meaning, they suffer from Brachycephalic Syndrome. This condition is extremely common in most short-nosed breeds of dogs. That being said, this condition affects the dog’s respiratory system. The four major factors of this condition will make it extremely difficult for your pup to breathe and may cause distress.

 Flatulent Friendly Foods

Changing the diet of your Boston Terrier may also be a key factor in the betterment of their flatulence. Brachycephalic breeds of dogs are known for being extremely flatulent. With that being said, getting rid of foods in their diet that may upset their stomachs may be ideal. In addition, there are many working parts to helping your gassy pup but this is one that you can directly be responsible for.

It is very important to not upset your dog’s stomach. Digestive health is a big part of your dog’s betterment. Furthermore, stomach-friendly foods will help keep the flatulence at bay. Foods that contain beans and any form of soy will upset the balance of your dog’s system so it is best to avoid these. So what are the best dog foods for Boston Terriers with gas?

boston terriers with gas

Best Dog Foods for Boston Terriers with Gas

1.Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Dry Dog

best dog foods for boston terriers with gas



This option is great because it is free of soy! Your dog is sure to love this choice with the main ingredient being chicken. Nutro Wholesome Essentials also has many flavors to choose from including brown rice & sweet potato, Furthermore, this product includes Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids and is perfect for your puppy.


2.Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Food


best dog foods for boston terriers with gas



For the vegan pet parents out there, Natural Balance has provided an excellent option. Many vets will recommend pets being switched over to a vegan diet because it will help their digestive systems. With that being said, Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Food includes brown rice, oatmeal, and potatoes.


3.Taste of The Wild Appalachian Valley Dry Dog Food

best dog foods for boston terriers with gas



A nice choice for small breeds of dogs, Taste of The Wild has made a protein-rich, dry dog food option. The main ingredients of this Appalachian mix include venison, duck, egg, fish, and lamb. In addition, this mix is great for sensitive pups as it doesn’t include any grain, wheat, corn, or filler.


4. American Journey Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

best dog foods for boston terriers with gas



This American Journey is a grain-free dry dog food that is free of corn, soy, and wheat. The dry dog food comes in many flavors with sweet potato being the main key ingredient in most. Additionally, the flavors range from lamb, beef, salmon, and chicken. Blueberries are among the many added fruits and vegetables that will provide antioxidants which are great for heart health.


5.HIll’s Prescription I/D Sensitive Digestive Care Dry Dog Food


best dog foods for boston terriers with gas



This dry dog food is perfect for exactly what it says, the sensitive digestive care of your pet. Hill’s Prescription has many options ranging from diet, stress, low fat and many more. This specific option is nice because it contains no soy or gluten. This dry dog food with promoting a healthy digestive system


6.CANIDAE All Life Stages Dry Dog Food


best dog foods for boston terriers with gas



CANIDAE has provided an option that is free of soy, wheat, and corn. A mix of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and probiotics will surely help your dog’s internal health. Flavors range from lamb, turkey, chicken, and fish.


7.Natural Balance L.I.D Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

best dog foods for Boston Terriers with gas



Another suitable option from Natural Balance, this dry dog food is grain-free As part of the limited ingredient diet initiative from Natural Balance this dry dog food is free of corn, wheat, and soy. A mix of Omega Fatty Acids will help with the sheen and shine of your canine’s coat. Duck is a popular flavor and most dogs will enjoy it as it is not a taste that many are not familiar with.


Boston Terrier

So, what do Boston Terriers eat? These many flavorful options will not take away from their usual tastes of fish, meat, and poultry. Boston Terriers need a lot of protein to live healthy lives. Although we have vegetarian options available, we also have many meat-inspired options as to not take away from their usual diets. Many dogs may shy away from flavors that they are not used to so it is best to mix a little at a time to wean them off. The best dog food for Boston Terriers with gas may help with their problem, but may not cure it. To see if a vegetarian diet is an optimal choice for your Boston Terrier you should check with your pet’s vet first. Once again, many Boston Terriers with gas may have an underlying health problem, or it may be a change in dietary needs.