Goldendoodles are one of the cutest, lovable and most energetic dogs to have. If you are the proud owner of a Goldendoodle then you know how intelligent and joyful the breed is. Due to that, they need toys to play with that will exercise them physically and mentally. This is why we have created a list of the best dog toys for Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles like to keep their minds busy and use up their energy. For that, many Goldendoodles parents are looking for some actively healthy toys, and so are you!

However, the question is – what are some best toys that can meet all of your Goldendoodle’s activity needs? 

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Best Dog Toys for Goldendoodles


1. OurPets IQ Treat Ball

best dog toys for goldendoodles

OurPets IQ Treat Ball is kind of a slow feed ball to add some excitement to your dog’s lifestyle.

This ball allows you to fill it with some of your dog’s meals. The meal only comes out when your dog plays with the ball and rolls it over to spill the food out. 

The good thing about OurPets IQ Treat Ball is that it comes with an adjustable interior disc.

With this, you can set the desired difficulty level. Also, you can put small to bigger size food in it and choose how much should spill out. 

OurPets IQ Treat Ball is a two in one kind of toy.

Your Goldendoodle can play as well as feed, so it’s staying active, playing and healthy feeding at the same time.

On days when your Goldendoodle does not feel very energetic, this treat ball can pump him up. 

When it comes to manufacturing, this ball has strong and durable high-quality material. Moreover, it comes in two sizes – 3 inch and 4 inches. You can choose according to your pup’s size. 


  • Feed and play simultaneously
  • Comes with adjustable levels of difficulty
  • Food is a reward of your dog staying active


  • Your dog might only choose to play when he is hungry 


2.Trixie Flipboard – Level 2

best dog toys for goldendoodles



Trixie is a well-known name when it comes to pet products. They make creative and mindful toys, which lets your dog use his problem-solving skills to figure out things. 

Trixie Level 2 flip board is one of those creative game toys where your dog needs to use his intellect in order to get his reward – the food he loves. 

This toy comes with various flips and cones under any of which you can hide dog’s food. He needs to think about how to get the food out where he smells it. 

With their nose and paws, they can easily flip the pieces and cones. This is a great toy as you can change where and how many treats you put, even on a daily basis. This ensures that your dog is never bored with the game and enjoys playing it every time while looking for his favorite incentive.  

Also, it is a great source of physical and mental activity together. 


  • Keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated
  • Your dog might never get bored


  • Does not offer much physical exercise
  • Your dog might not be willing to play when he is not hungry


3. Nylabone Romp‘n Chomp Chew Toy

best dog toys for goldendoodles


Chew toys are a great option to consider if your dog is bored with some mindful activities or a lot of physical exercises. Also, if you are looking to broaden his collection of toys, chew toy is a good addition. 

This Romp‘n Chomp chew toy keeps your dog entertained and full of energy for a long time. It keeps him busy and you will not see him moving idly here and there. 

This is one of the safest and healthiest chew toys on the market due to its high-quality manufacturing. Your Goldendoodle will love the chicken flavor of this chew toy. As it comes in the shape of a bone, it will attract your dog. Moreover, it is a good way to keep your dog’s teeth clean. 

A good thing about Nylabone Romp‘n Chomp chew toy is that it has a refillable treat compartment. You can fill it and freeze it to add more fun and excitement to your Goldendoodle’s chewing time. He must be looking forward to it every day. 


  • Energy is released when your dog chews the bone
  • A great toy for teething pups


  • Does not offer much of a physical activity
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

4.KONG Squeaky Toy

best dog toys for goldendoodles



If you have been looking for a stuffed toy for your Goldendoodle, this one right here is the best. KONG Squeaky toy comes with minimal filling in order to save you from extra mess yet is soft and fluffy. 

To add to its strength, it has extra layers of material. Your dog is going to love spending his time with this stuffed toy. In a short while, it might become his best friend. 

You get 10 options to choose a squeaky toy with different colors and interesting names. The ones we found most adorable are: Marvin the Moose, Spunky the Monkey, Floppy the Rabbit and Elmer the Elephant. 

The beautiful shape and look are going to entice your Goldendoodle to play with it. 


  • Durable material
  • Good for tough chewers
  • Can play fetch games with it


  • Cannot be used as a substitute for chew toys

5. KONG Flyer

best dog toys for goldendoodles


KONG Flyer is the number 1 choice when it comes to dog flying discs and is an absolute great toy for Goldendoodles. 

As it is made out of soft rubber, it is equally good for Goldendoodle pups and grownups. Its natural rubber allows softer and forgiving catch while your Goldendoodle is learning how to catch a flyer. 

It encourages physical exercise and ensures that your dog spends some quality time. What we like the most about this toy is that it involves you in your dog’s playing time as well, strengthening the bond between you and your Goldendoodle. 

This red rubber formula is extremely durable and flexible. It comes in two different sizes – small and large so you can choose according to your Goldendoodle’s size. 

If you want your Goldendoodle to get actively involved in a healthy exercise, KONG Flyer is the most suitable toy to buy. 


  • A lot of physical and mental exercise
  • Soft on teeth and gums
  • Light enough to be caught in the air


  • Your dog might take some time to learn to catch it or might be afraid of a flying object

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What To Look For; Best Dog Toys For Goldendoodles

When searching for the best dog toys for Goldendoodles, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. These things will make your overall search easier, and will also make for a better and safer experience.

  • Teething toys are important
  • Buy mind-stimulating toys
  • Purchase toys that the whole family can use
  • Purchase dog toys and not children toys 


  • Teething toys are important because your dog’s gums and teeth may be irritated and teething toys can have a positive impact on them.


  • If you Goldendoodle is intelligent than they may need a toy that they can use their minds for. Mental activity is just as important as physical activity. Some dogs enjoy puzzle-like toys just as much as physical toys. If you are working out your mind then you are still using energy.


  • If you purchase toys that the whole family can use then it will make for a bonding experience.  These types of toys can be frisbees or “fetch” toys. They can also include ropes and any other toy that can be pulled or thrown by or to your Goldendoodle. The kids will enjoy it and so will your pup.


  • Breed-specific toys are important because human toys are not necessarily made to be used by dogs. A dog can easily break a child toy because of its strength. Usually by biting on it and breaking the toy apart. Your canine can seriously harm themselves. This also includes other breeds. Some dog breeds are more volatile than others and require stronger toys. You can also check for breed-specific toys. As well as dog-specific toys.


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The Bottom Line: Toys for Goldendoodles

The best dog toys for Goldendoodles include chew toys, stuff toys, fetch toys, creative mind games, and feed balls. You might try different ones to see which entertains your Goldendoodle the most! Also, when searching for the perfect toy for your Goldendoodle it might also be important to purchase a toy that is breed oriented. Some breeds are a lot rougher on toys than other breeds are.

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