We’d all like to think our homes are safe for our furry friends, but the truth is that our homes contain many potential hazards for our cats. Knowing what things can cause injury to your kitty in the home will help you prevent unnecessary damage to your cat. Cats are very inquisitive creatures by nature so they are more than likely to get into things. With this information, you can be on the lookout for some common household hazards for cats. 


Common Household Hazards for Cats- A Brief Look 


common household hazards for cats

1.Living Room or Office


Your living room can pose many threats to your furry friend, especially when used as an office space. 

For instance, small objects such as paper clips, thumbtacks, and staples can be easily swallowed by your cat. Keeping these items off the floor and out of kitty’s reach will help prevent the ingestion of these items. 

It can also be a practice to not allow your cat inside of certain rooms or to make sure that small objects that can harm them are put away at all times. They do like to play with things like toys, even when they are not toys.


common household hazards for cats
2.Rolling Chairs

Rolling chairs, often used as desk chairs pose another potential hazard to your cat. Rolling over your cat’s leg, paw, or tail by accident may cause injury to him or her. Always ensure that your kitty is not in the way of your chair before you roll it. A light enough chair can also be easily pushed by your cat.

 Your cat may be able to push the chair into another cat or may want to jump on top of it. If they jump on top of the chair they might miscalculate and cause the chair to move, harming them in the process. 

common household hazards for cats

 3.Electrical Cords

Electrical cords throughout the entire house also pose a problem. If you notice your cat likes to chew on or play with electrical cords, spray them with Bitter Apple. The taste of the spray will deter your cat away from chewing on them, reducing the chance your cat will become electrocuted. You can also purchase nice cover-ups for any outlying cords around the house. Hiding them behind a neat wall or behind a wall. 



common household hazards for cats

Your bathroom is another place your kitty might encounter hazards. Do not leave your cat alone with the toilet open or with the bathtub full of water. Your cat can drown in either one easily. 

Keep all medication bottles closed and out of the reach of your cat. Many human medications are dangerous to our companions when ingested. They can also choke on pills, or overdose on them. Any common bathroom cleaners should also be kept in the cabinet.

common household hazards for cat

Your cat may love watching you when you are cooking in the kitchen, but be aware that problems can occur here as well. When carrying pots or pans of hot water, make sure kitty is not underfoot. 

Spilling even a small amount of hot water on your cat by accident can cause burns and damage to the skin. They will be in a lot of pain. Knives should always be put away, as well as any other sharp eating utensils. Much like the bathroom, any kitchen cleaners should also be put up, with the lid tightly sealed. 

common household hazards for cats


Although it is a part of the kitchen, ovens do pose a real, separate, risk to cats. Do not leave the oven open, ever. Cats tend to love warm places to sleep and they may try to jump into the oven, not knowing how hot it really is.

 Additionally, if you drop food on the floor in the process of cooking, be sure to pick it up right away. Some foods can get lodged in your cat’s throat or intestinal tract. Different human foods can cause your cat to have diarrhea, and that would be an unpleasant experience for you and them. 

common household hazards for cats


Although you may not be allergic to a certain plant it does not mean your cat is ruled out. Plants and indoor shrubs can be toxic to cats even though you might not see them as a threat. You can first check with your cat’s vet to see if they have any plant allergies, and research some cat-friendly plants after that. The Bird’s Nest Fern is a favorite. 


In Short

There are a lot of common household hazards for cats in the home. However, being aware of the hazards will help you prevent accidents within the home. Cats like to play with a multitude of things, they are very curious about everything. They even like to tip over their water bowls for fun. Be mindful of anything inside of your home that your furry friend may be able to grab hold of and harm themselves in the process. There are a variety of common household hazards for cats, but these are a few of the prevalent ones. 


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