When you live in a climate that is accustomed to cold temperatures it is important to have cordless heated water bowls for your pets. Temperatures at night time can drop severely, and in many places, it may even be cold in the daytime. Winters can be brutal and even the months leading up to the coldest season can be harsh. A sudden breeze might do the trick or even a cool rain spurt. Heated cordless water bowls can help keep your pet’s water from freezing in these severe, temperamental, climates. If you have animals that spend a lot of time outdoors then you may want to look into one.


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The Best Cordless Heated Water Bowls


1. Deluxe Pet Sipper (10012)

cordless heated water bowls


To use this product you simply fill it with warm water for your animals. Next, you will set it in the sun so the solar top can start working. The top of the cordless water bowl, that is heated, is covered by an insulating material. This product comes with no wires, so you just fill it, set it out, and go.

The Deluxe Pet Sipper (10012) is ideal for small and medium dogs. You can also use it for your chickens and ferrets. The Deluxe Pet Sipper is an ideal cordless heated water bowl for temperatures above 20°. Because it is a solar pet sipper it is recommended to be used in the sun. If you live in a place that gets plenty of sunlight then it will work great for you.

2. Happy Bird Corps Commercial Solar Sipper

The Commercial Solar Sipper from Happy Bird Corps is a nice choice as well for a cordless heated water bowl. The diameter measures 8in, and the opening of the waterer is 4 inches. It includes a cover that will keep it clean from dust and debris. Seeing as how it will be sitting outside in direct sunlight. While this solar sipper is ideal for wild poultry and farmhand use, it can also be used for pets. The air insulation will keep the water warmer in the winter months. This, in effect, will also keep water cooler in the summer months. This will work perfectly for temperatures down to 20°.

Keeping Animals Safe in Cold Weather

Keeping Animals Safe In cold Weather

It is important to always keep your pets hydrated. Water should be changed at least twice a day, if not more. When you change the water it should be with lukewarm water, which is not too hot, and also not cold. Additionally, because these bowls are mainly for outside use they should be sheltered from the wind while being in the sun.

Although they do have coverings, the wind can still blow unwanted debris into the pet water bowls. Pollen and dirt are also unsafe for dogs. Dirt can have roundworms in it which can be really hazardous for your dogs.

If you are using solar cordless heated water bowls for your outside cats and feral cats it is important also to keep the bowl out of the wind. Cats have smaller body masses than dogs so they are prone to hypothermia. You can set up outside winter shelter for them if it gets nippy or windy.

How Do I Keep My Pets Water From Freezing In The Winter?

While it is important to do everything in your power to keep your pet’s water bowls at a suitable temperature for them, there are also a couple of tricks that may help make this easier.

Microwavable Heating Pad Insert

Snuggle Safe Dog, Cat & Small Animal Microwavable Heating Pad


Snuggle Safe has made a small disk that is the perfect size to go under your pet’s water bowl. A cover for the heating pad is provided. Ideally used to go under pet beds to keep them warm in the winter, but it can also be used to warm water. It is a simple helpful hack. You can easily warm it up in the microwave for about five minutes.

Be cautious because each microwave is different so you will probably want to start at around 2 minutes. After that, you can work your way up from there to see what temperature is perfect for your specific type of microwave. This product includes a non-toxic compound that is thermal.

You can use this product for up to 5 hours without having to change it. You can also buy an extra microwavable heating pad if you would like to switch them out. Furthermore, before reheating the product you should allow it to cool all the way down.


  • Includes head pad cover and a microwavable heating pad
  • Plate-sized pad. Perfect to go under any pet bed or water bowl
  • No wires or electrical equipment
  • Ideal for pets in cold environments
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe to Snuggle (Hence the name)
  • Easy to clean- Just wipe with wet wipes

Mix Their Food With Water

It is much easier for pets to digest wet food rather than dry. If you are using dry food you can mix it with a little bit of water to make it easier to digest. This will also sit better on the stomach. Food should be warmed up before serving it to your outside pet in cold temperatures.

If the food is sitting outside you can also use an electric food bowl in addition to the cordless heated water bowls. Larger portions will also benefit your animals. In colder temperatures, and climates, you use more energy to warm your body. It is no different in pets.

Cordless Heated Water Bowls


Pets shiver just like humans to keep warm when it is cold outside. Shivering can use up a lot of the energy of the pet so it is important to have the right resources available for them to maintain their temperature, which can include cordless heated water bowls and heated water bowls that have cords.

You can also try some of the above tricks in addition to having one of the aforementioned items. In many places around the world, winters can be hard on animals just as bad as people. They should always have a stable water source, food supply, and a caring loving person like you!