do boston terrier like water

Have you ever been in the pool in the summertime and you glance over to see your dog sniffing at the water, sticking a paw out? Wondering if they should take the plunge or not, and what are the dangers? It makes you wonder, do Boston Terriers like water? Many breeds of dogs naturally love water. So much so, the “Dog Paddle was named after them. With this being said, there are many breeds that you have to slowly introduce the idea of water to. Boston Terriers is one of them.



Do Boston Terriers Like Water: Steps You Can Take

Many Boston Terriers will love water if you just introduce the idea of it to them. You can start by taking a garden hose and sprinkling water over them. While Boston Terriers are a brachycephalic breed of dog, that should not discourage you from trying. If you would like to bring your dog to the pool you should first buy a life jacket or a life preserver for them. Due to their snouts being abnormally shaped they may tire easily as it takes a little more energy for them to breathe. Pugs and Bulldogs are also among the breeds that may require a little more care in the swimming arena. You can also start by allowing your Boston Terrier to splash around their water bowl.

There are also many breeds of dogs like Labradors and the Irish Setter that naturally love to swim. Boston Terriers are a smaller breed and may require some motivation. As stated above you may start by just dousing them with a little water and progressively do a little more over time. They should have an easy route out of the pool and are trained in your commands.

do boston terriers like water


Boston Terriers In The Water

When it is time to get in the pool for the first time make sure that you have a life jacket or a life preserver on your pup. You first have to see if they will like the idea of water and if they do, take the necessary steps in order to get them used to it. The younger you are able to introduce your dog to water the better. You should still, however, wait until they are a suitable age. Consult with your veterinarian to see what is appropriate for your specific pup.  Because of their build, it will be hard for many canines of this breed to hold their own body weight above water, they don’t naturally have much buoyancy. You can also start by letting your dog play around in the bathtub or a child-sized pool. The water should also just be a tab bit warm.


Boston Terriers may love the idea of water if you take proactive measures in order to get them to that point. Many dogs that have never been introduced to water at all will just jump straight into the pool and are able to swim. Dogs with certain genetic conditions make take a little more love. As with all dogs, some Boston Terriers will love to swim and some will hate it altogether. Every dog and every breed is different.  If you take necessary hazards precautions and are motivated then you may be able to sway your pet’s ultimate decision. Do Boston Terriers like water? Grab your pup and find out!