Whenever I go to Petco, I tend to aimlessly wander around. (As many of us might do.)  I pick up a couple of things for my dogs & I go look at all the new pettable animals that they have up for adoption. While there are many items in stock to choose from, I particularly noticed this one day. The Petsport Laser Chase II. This item had a clear casing over it and blue and yellow packaging.

My dog really likes plush toys. He usually tries to rip them apart as soon as I give them to him. Although, he does have the set favorites that he takes extreme care of. He will sit them in a specified corner as he shreds the remaining few that are not worthy of his love.

Playful Nature of Dogs

Due to my dog’s playful nature, I have tried to find alternatives that won’t wind up in the garbage in less than 24 hours. I’ve noticed that many people usually buy laser pointer toys for their cats. With that being said, dogs love to chase things around as well, so I figured it would be a suitable choice.

I figured, “what the heck”, and decided to pick it up as they are extremely cheap and weren’t going to break the bank by any means.

What is The Petsport Laser Chase II?

The Petsport Laser Chase II is basically a standard laser pointer, only minified. The concept of the product is very simple. Click on the button, move red laser dot around on the floor, and hope for a reaction. A pretty straight-up product if there ever was one.

Once again, I always figured these types of toys would only be useful with cats, seeing how they like chasing things as well. Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures. They like to always know exactly what is going on around them. Furthermore, many cats love laser pointer toys. Many cats also, pay no mind to laser toys as there are not worth their valuable time.

Petsport Laser at Home

Out of all of the amazing pet toys, including squeaky ones, that I already have for my puppy I wanted to see if this one would be any different. I took it out of the package and clicked it. The product comes with three installed batteries and three extra ones.  This product also comes on a keychain, so you can add it to your purse, keys, or just stick it in your pocket.

I clicked down a stainless steel button for a test and it worked. The most annoying part of the product is that you have to constantly hold the button in order for the light to stay on. Besides that, not really any other issues. The product is very simple to understand.

A Great Workout

My dog is extremely small as he is a Chihuahua mix so him running around the house wasn’t an issue but I decided to go to the backyard and try it. He loved it! In addition, it was a great workout for him. A great workout is a crucial part of combating obesity in dogs.

I would recommend only pointing the laser in safe spots because you don’t want your pet to hurt themselves.

Overall Conclusion

The Petsport Laser Chase II is a decent overall device. It is extremely inexpensive and portable. You can just stick it in your pocket as it is around the size of a pen, or chalk stick. Dogs will run around aimlessly trying to catch the red laser that it always just out of reach. As with any product, some animals will love it and some won’t pay any attention at all towards it. Additionally, there are many variations of this product and none will cost you a fortune at all. The Leaps & Bounds Laser Pointer is also a viable, similar substitution. You can purchase these at one of your local pet stores such as Petco, or Amazon. According to PetMD, your dog should get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

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